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Events & RSVP


There will be a party. With people, food, and vows. You coming?

Weekend Festivities

We invite you to join us for a wedding weekend celebration.

The fun is about to begin. Come snack, mingle, and shower the brides with love before their big day.

Location: Hotel

Time: 8 PM

Pink Red Champagne Cocktail Bridal Shower Yard Sign.png

Meet & Greet


Recover & enjoy the best of Canton: visit the Football Hall of Fame, explore the city, or just have a chill day by the pool.

Location: Various

Time: 1-5 PM

canton 2.jpg

A Little R & R


The big day is done! Join Autumn and Candace for an informal farewell dinner.

Location: 1885 Farms

Time: 6-10 PM

Farewell Dinner


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